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Protect Your Assets Using a Questioned Document Examiner

Protect the Family Fortune Using a Questioned Document Examiner

As much as we would like to think it doesn't, it happens far more frequently than most people realize and costs more families everything they own and often more. The problems we are talking about is a fairly new form of elderly abuse in which those who have been entrusted with caring for out elderly family members are emptying their bank accounts using forged letters and signatures. You will find that more frequently now than at any time in the past questioned document examiners are being called in when family members sense something is amiss.

Questioned document examiners such as those at Cina Wong Forgery Expert are now being called on a frequent basis to prove that checks or other letters authorizing the withdrawal of funds from senior citizens bank accounts or the transfer of property deeds were forged by an unscrupulous caretaker or senior center in order to essentially rob the senior citizen of the personal assets and money.

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