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Handwriting Expert Testifies Regarding Disguised Writing - Cina L. Wong & Associates, Ltd. Court Qualified Document Examiner Cina L. Wong

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you assess personality from handwriting?
No. That discipline is called graphology. I have never offered that service because I do not practice graphology. I strictly adhere to the field of questioned documents. I verify the authenticity of handwriting, signatures and documents. Please visit my “Services” page for an expanded listing.

Are you able to identify if a writer is a male or a female?
It is a mistaken belief that one can identify a person’s gender from handwriting.

How long will it take for you to complete my case?
Each case is different due to various complexities. But if you e-mail me at CinaWongFDE@aol.com with your contact information, we can discuss your case. From there I will have a better idea of how much time it will take to complete a laboratory examination of your case.

What types of documents do you need for a laboratory examination?
I will need the questioned document(s) and comparable known samples that are from the similar time period of the questioned document(s). If the questioned writing is printed, verifiable known printing samples are needed. If a cursive writing is questioned, then verifiable known cursive samples would need to be submitted.

Can I give you photocopies to examine?
Yes, an examination can be performed on the best quality copy you have. However, if original documents exist, they are preferable and should be submitted for the laboratory examination.

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