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Forensic Handwriting Expert

An Identity Theft Protection Tip from a Forensic Handwriting Expert

The number of identity theft cases in this country number in the tens of thousands and the government agencies responsible for handling them are so back logged it will take them years to even come close to prosecuting them all. The fact is that any time a transfer of funds or property occurs there is a high potential for forgery that can take a forensic handwriting expert to sort it all out.

If ask a forensic handwriting expert what one thing you can do to reduce your risks of exposure to identity theft would be, the experts at Cina Wong Forgery Expert will tell you to look at your signature. They will tell you that a carefully written signature is far harder to forge than a simple squiggly line. If you have been using a squiggle for a signature, it is time to revise your signature as this makes it much harder to forge.

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