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Cina L. Wong & Associates, Ltd. Court Qualified Document Examiner Cina L. Wong
590 WROW

AM 590 WROW, Albany NY

April 17th and April 20th 1999

On Saturday, April 17th; Dave Lucas and WROW present....
"The Proof and the Pudding"
Continuing coverage of the JonBenet Ramsey Murder investigation.

The Evenings guests will include:

Cina Wong, Vice Pres. of the National Association of Document Examiners.
Cina is a Court Qualified Board Certified Document Examiner who has identified
the author of the infamous Ramsey ransom note.

Dale Yeager, Executive Director of SERAPH. www.seraph.net
Mr.. Yeager is a trained Criminal Analyst who has consulted on more than 130
criminal cases, including the murder investigation of JonBenet Ramsey. Not only
does Mr. Yeager identify the author of the note, but he also identifies the true killer
of JonBenet.


On Tuesday, April 20th; Dave Lucas and WROW present....
"The Media's Angle"
Continuing coverage of the JonBenet Murder case.

The evenings guests will include;

Michael Tracey, Professor in the school of General Mass Communications at the
University of Colorado. Michael was the primary force behind the infamous Ramsey
Documentary which was aired in August of '98. He believes that the media has
unjustly convicted the Ramseys in the court of public opinion.

Chuck Green, Columnist for the Denver Post.
Chuck has provided both insight and wit to his readers for many years. He has
brought us flavorful and lively coverage of a true tragedy of justice, The JonBenet
Ramsey Murder.

Frank Coffman, Photo Journalist and Independent Reporter.
Frank is a resident of Boulder, Colorado and has closely been following this case and
it's main players since the beginning. He brings always brings an objective view to a
very convoluted case.

These shows were created and produced voluntarily by
Lance Matthews, Internet Personality (and Ramsey show in-studio guest.)

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