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New York Post

New York Post

N.Y. Lawyer plots suit to boot do-nothing JonBenet D.A

NY Post, written by Cindy Adams, Sunday, November 16, 1997

TUESDAY, victims-rights lawyer Darnay Hoffman will file court papers.

In them will be 40 pages of exhibits, newspaper and magazine articles, expert opinions and forensic-evidence reports. He will petition a Colorado district court judge in high-class legalese to bounce Alex Hunter for making no arrest in the nearly year-old JonBenet mess.

Among the inclusions will be four handwriting reports by Denver barrister Thomas Miller, Nat’l Association of Document Examiners Director David Liebman, court-certified documents examiner Cina Wong and an FBI specialist.

These four believe the hand that wrote them is Mrs. Ramsey’s. I have their affidavits.

A portion of these reports is being reserved for the eyes of the judge only. Reason? These professionals appear to believe there is one characteristic so unique and peculiar that they worry the writer would consciously alter it if required to furnish an additional sample.

Apparently, graphology affidavits submitted together with police affidavits which state no evidence exists as to an intruder are sufficient to charge one with writing the ransom note.

Under Colorado law, one who writes a ransom note can then be charged with, in this case, such crimes as extortion, felony child abuse, murder.

The American School of Investigative Sciences in Denver, after studying eight comparative examples, conclude “matches could be made” between Patsy’s writing and the ransom note. They cite:

• “disguised writing typically contains evidence of persistent habits of the natural handwriting…all these elements are found in the ransom note.”
• In terms of “shape” of the letters, similarities are “too numerous.”
• In terms of “baseline,” as in the baseline provided in a ruled writing tablet or checkbook, “rising above the baseline” is an “unconscious tendency” of the person they all believe wrote it.
• In terms of “arrangement,” as in placement of words on a page, “the arrangements match that of the person they all believe wrote it.

There’s also things like size, slant, speed, pressure, continuity.

Page 1 of the thick pile of court papers, which I have, states the plaintiff is “alleging the commission of a crime and the unjustified refusal of the district attorney to prosecute anyone for the crime.”

Page 3, Para. 18: “The district attorney could present evidence contained in the affidavits of the handwriting experts along with sworn statements of Boulder police that there were no signs of entry into the Ramsey home and expect reasonable likelihood of a conviction of the ransom-note writer with evidence that would establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Hoffman’s affidavit, Page 2: Hunter’s “refusal to charge is unjustified and without reasonable cause…and is arbitrary and capricious.”

High Noon in the toy town of Boulder.

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