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New York Post

New York Post

JonBenet Case Myths Dispelled

From New York Post, written by Cindy Adams, Tuesday March 17, 1998

With Boulder’s politzei requesting that the district attorney convene a grand jury in the JonBenet nonsense, it’s time to dispel some of the case’s myths.

Myth 1: The hopeless bungle of the evidence makes a solution impossible.

Wrong. Domestic homicides are rarely solved forensically. Suspects living at a crime scene have “innocent explanations for forensic evidence.

Myth 2: Hard evidence is absent to identify the real culprit or culprits, thus making it impossible to bring charges.

Wrong. The ransom note is evidence of the murderer’s true identity. It is provable who the writer is. Examining mud prints, palm prints, knots, masking tape, nylon cords is bull. That’s rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

Myth 3: A grand jury’s been convened because there isn’t enough evidence.

No, no, no. A thousand times uh-uh. DA Alex Hunter won’t go against John Ramsey’s politically powerful lawyer, Hal Haddon. The Ramsey’s aren’t compelled to testify. Their 11-year-old son Burke’s testimony is useless. The cops, figuring an impartial panel will return an indictment, are forcing Hunter to present the facts. A grand jury can remove the decision to charge JonBenet’s murder out of this district attorney’s hands and place it into less politically sensitive ones.

Myth 4: Identifying the ransom-note writer isn’t enough for a conviction.

Wrong, wrong. Big lie. Colorado’s felony-murder statute makes any participant guilty for any murder resulting from a crime. Take a driver for a get-away car in a bank robbery.
He’s not inside the bank during the robbery. Still, if anyone’s killed during the robbery, this driver is equally culpable. So, the note writer can be charged with first-degree murder even if it’s unproved that the writer actually is the murderer.

Court-qualified, board-certified handwriting experts David Liebman and Cina Wong liken 51 similarities to Patsy’s penmanship. Letters form similarly, spacing is similar, a pull toward the left margin is similar, usage of exclamation marks, slang words like “fat cat” and pretentious phrases such as “and hence” are similar. They state: “Without doubt, Mrs. Ramsey wrote the note. Doesn’t mean she committed the crime, but she wrote the note, so she did know something.”

DA Hunter keeps saying that even if the writer is identified, arrested and jailed, he or she would be eligible immediately for bail. Not. Even I know felony murder isn’t bailable in Colorado. How come this district attorney doesn’t know it? The writer would have to sit in jail until he or she went to trial or made a deal.

In November, New York lawyer, Darnay Hoffman, a victim’s advocate, filed a friend-of-the-court brief against Hunter. The next day, John Eller, chief of the investigation – who was why the police and DA didn’t get along, who the Ramsey’s bitched was trying to prove them guilty – quit.

Myth 5: The case won’t ever be solved.

Hey, guys, it already has been. The fuzz know the killer. Until Hunter’s removed, there will never be justice for JonBenet, peace for Boulder or silence from me.

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