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Forensic document examination is a complicated and complex area. Documents can range from handwritten letters to typed business communications to credit card receipts and much more. That’s why at Cina L. Wong & Associates, Ltd., we are well versed and have years of experience providing the services listed below.

• Signatures
• Handwriting (cursive/printing)
• Page substitutions
• Watermark identification
• Photocopy fraud (cut and paste signature or text)
• Computer printed/fax/typed documents
• Alterations/additions/deletions/obliterations of numbers and writing
• Ink types
• Rubber-stamped signatures
• Fake notary stamps
• Sequential writing
• Anonymous letters and disguised writing
• Hate/Extortion letters
• Bomb threat notes
• Graffiti on walls or scratched into cars
• Contracts
• Corporate minutes
• Insurance beneficiary forms
• Indented writing
• Validity of notary stamp
• Last will and testament
• Real estate related documents
• Bank robbery notes
• Altered medical or business records

"The Elderly & Forgery Abuse"
"How to Protect your Business from your Employees"
"Forgery Fraudsters"

All lectures include a mini course in forensic document examination.

Sample of lecture circuit:

• IBM (Raleigh, North Carolina)
• Certified Fraud Examiners
• First Virginia Bank
• Old Dominion University
• Virginia State Criminal Justice Department Conference (Virginia Beach, VA)
• William & Mary College – Master’s Program

Document Examiner Services

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